How it all started!

The story behind the name Table Top Hemp and how it all began.

If you ask Jim, he’ll tell you it started with a table and 8 chairs. My friends, that’s exactly how it all began with Jim Snyder and Carrie Babich, a match made in heaven. Yes, love brought them together, but it really was the table and chairs. Here’s the story of a farmer, rancher, rodeo manager who just by luck, meets savvy businesswoman who came back home to Snow Mass, Colorado after being gone for over 30 years. Carrie was having a house sale and trying to downsize by selling furniture and other items. Many people had stopped by the house during the day, but one person caught her eye and wanted to buy something dear to her heart. On sale was a table and eight chairs, this was not just any table, it was the table that was in Carrie’s family for a very long time. Jim saw the table and wanted to buy it. Long story short, the table and chairs brought Carrie and Jim together, and it sits in their home today. Now you know the story behind the name Table Top Hemp!


Tell me about Table Top Hemp

Table Top Hemp is a family-owned, small boutique style, hemp farm and grow facility located in Garfield County, Colorado. We are the caretakers of a healthy, sustainable hemp environment 365 days a year, dedicated to producing high-quality clones using natural growing systems. Jim’s 20 years of farming experience matched with Carrie’s 30 years in business brings a whole new dynamic to hemp farming in Colorado.

A table and eight chairs brought them together and brought us a healthy and happy hemp farm community. Welcome to Table Top Hemp! Have a question, send us an email or give us a call 970-665.9762.